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Christmas 2020, 2021 and 2022

In Hong Kong, Christmas Day is the hub of the season with WinterFest being the largest feature for everyone. WinterFest turns Hong Kong into a winter wonderland from storefronts to markets to Disneyland and Ocean Park.

202025 DecFriChristmas Day
26 DecSatThe First Weekday After Christmas Day
202125 DecSatChristmas Day
27 DecMonThe First Weekday After Christmas Day
202225 DecSunChristmas Day
26 DecMonThe First Weekday After Christmas Day
27 DecTueChristmas Holiday
202325 DecMonChristmas Day
26 DecTueThe First Weekday After Christmas Day
202425 DecWedChristmas Day
26 DecThuThe First Weekday After Christmas Day

Around the world, Christmas Day is when the Christian faith celebrates the birth of the messiah, Jesus Christ. This day is celebrated on 25 December by most western countries and by many others, whether their central faith is Christian or not.

The Hong Kong Tourism Board organises WinterFest, which includes many events and usually runs from the last week of November to the beginning of January.

Santa Clauses with snowy-white beards are everywhere, dressed in big red suits that are trimmed with fluffy-white cuffs. Fake snow adorns buildings. Glitter, strings of lights, presents and beautiful food all add to the atmosphere of this time of the year. It is a time of wonder and excitement. The whole city is decorated.

And travellers who arrive at MTR Central Station, and take Exit K will be rewarded with a scene of magnificence. Tiffany and Co erect a jewel-crusted Christmas tree in Station Square and children can climb aboard the carousel rides below and be enamoured by its beauty.

The ‘spirit of Christmas’ is not only found in the things that can be seen. Christmas elves, church groups, school groups and, sometimes, Hong Kong Philharmonic, present Christmas carols – songs of celebration of Jesus Christ and of Christmas – in many public places, particularly in the evenings and the atmosphere is delightful.

On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, churches hold services to remember the birth of Christ. Some partake of a special communion, some have children’s pageants and all sing Christmas carols. Christmas Eve usually involves a midnight service.

The activity at the top of most people’s minds at Christmas is gift giving. People shop around for weeks before Christmas to find the ‘perfect’ gifts for their friends and families. And, either on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, the brightly wrapped presents are given out, with children being the central, happy, receivers of the day.