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Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day 2025 and 2026

Mother’s Day in Hong Kong is celebrated on the second Sunday in May, as in many other places around the world. This observance is not a public holiday, but is widely observed amongst the population.

202511 MaySunMother's Day
202610 MaySunMother's Day
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Since the 1979 economic reforms of the People’s Republic of China, Mother’s Day has spread all over the country. Before that time, however, it was largely confined to Hong Kong and Macau. Thus, Hong Kong has one of the longest and more deeply entrenched Mother’s Day traditions in all China.

Some churches in Hong Kong will hold special Mother’s Day services where Biblical themes related to motherhood will be expounded. People will typically treat their mother to a meal out or to a home-cooked meal she doesn’t have to cook herself. And everyone greets Mum with a hearty “Happy Mother’s Day!” and maybe puts down their thoughts in a greeting card for the occasion. Giving Mum a red carnation or hemerocallis flower is also traditional.

Previous Years

202412 MaySunMother's Day
202314 MaySunMother's Day